For this blog post I have a few short comments:

My first blog post, about challenges in studying dark energy, was part of a blog carnival about cosmology organized by the talented writer and physicist Matthew Francis. Here is Matthew's cosmology carnival post with links to the other blog posts, written by Katie Mack, Ethan Siegel, Matthew and me, with an excellent bonus post by Desiree Abbott about a different topic. Also, I encourage you to check out the first cosmology carnival post, containing some great material.

In "it's a small world" news, I understand that Katie Mack will soon be moving from Cambridge, UK to Melbourne in Australia, only a few hours drive from Albury, where I grew up.

I will continue the cosmology discussion in a future blog post, where I'll talk about the big challenges astronomers face in trying to make real progress in understanding dark energy.

Finally, what will this blog be about? It's too early to tell for sure, since I've never had a personal blog before, but most of it will be about science and science communication, as the sub-heading suggests, with a strong emphasis on astronomy and astrophysics. I work in publicity for a NASA space telescope named the Chandra X-ray Observatory, producing press releases and press conferences. I also did full-time research in astrophysics for a number of years. So, I'm particularly interested in new astrophysics results, and how these results are communicated. At some stage I may also come up with a real title for my blog.


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